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Yeah well, the mouse controls work out really nice and the game is actually quite fun to play for a few minutes.

However, why do I constantly have a different kind of special ammo? Especially, why is my special ammo sometimes less powerful than my primary ammo? I don't see how that happens.

(The boss would need a proper collision mask and good hit feedback.)

The pacing is just 1/0 ... 1 for boss fights, and 0 for default enemies.

Then, there is the music. I can't think of any reason to put this music track into this kind of game apart from... guys, I already have it on my hard drive, so it's basically free, and the file format is the right one already, too ;-)

Okay, that may come over very negative (actually, the more I read it, the more do I see myself coming over as a jerk), but really, I mean to be the opposite. I like the controls and how the game generally "feels", it has a lot of potential in my eyes that I believe could be easily unleashed by fixing these issues, and they can be fixed relatively easy.

I honestly hope this feedback helps you :-)

Keep it up!

(the music is alright, it's a nice solid pixel art track, but it doesn't suite the game, that's what I meant to say regarding this point!)


Thanks for the valuable feedback!

The secondary is totally random, at first it was actually your primary weapon the entire time because we wanted to mess with the idea of gambling to potentially get a totally ridiculous weapon or a really weak one. We then added a primary fire to counteract the truly terrible options that are possible to get (like only 1 bullet every 3 seconds that shoots at a 80 degree angle to the left for little damage). So I think, based on feedback, that we need to polish that a bit more and either communicate how it works better or simply scrap that idea and make it a more consistant experience.

I understand your feedback for the music, we should have went with something more faster paced to match the game better.

I don't think you are especially negative, any feedback is good and yours is very well written and all valid.

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